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Immerse one night into the greatest sound and light show about the Great War and discover the Battle of Verdun

250 actors on stage, 900 costumes, 1,000 projectors, special effects, for an amazing sound and light show in Verdun

The Battle of Verdun: February, the 21st 1916 - 7:15 am

The battle began in Le Bois Des Caures, near Verdun. For 9 hours, two millions of shells rained down on the 15-km front. This was just the beginning of a dreadful battle that would mark a turning point in history.

A great moment of emotion

For one hour and a half, the audience is totally immersed into the hell of this battle : 300 days of fighting, assaults in the cold, the mud, with lice, rats...

A deeptly moving tribute

Whatever in the French or German trenches, the soldiers tried to survive, sharing their pains and their joys, their doubts too...

The rescue teams did everything they could, but given the great number of injured people, they lacked of supplies.

In the end, 310,000 men (French and German) were killed, and 400,000 others were injured.

1918, the American offensive

In summer 1917, the American troops arrived in Meuse. In automn 1918, after reducing the Saillant de Saint-Mihiel, they started a great offensive in Meuse and Argonne.

Modifications in the show : On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of this battle, the show has been modified, including two new scenes about the major role of the American intervention.


After more than four years of fighting, the Armistice was signed in joy and happiness, but at the cost of millions of missing people, refugees and disabled people.

A message of peace

The show ends with a message of hope and peace : after 3 wars (within 75 years), the enemis of yesterday have become friends.

Photo credits: Le Conseil Général, P.Brocard, J-L Kaluzko

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