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Immerse one night in the battle of Verdun

In Verdun, "Connaissance de la Meuse" has realized a deeply moving show about hell becoming hope. Proof is: the 300 actors of various nationalities.
This sound and light show is well beyond the evocation of the terrible battle of 1916 ; it is a hymn of peace.

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Verdun brings to light peace ; this historical fresco carries out all the time a peace message. The sound and light show of the Battle of Verdun has been built so that this event is every year looked back to understand all the horror, but also to work in favour of peace.

Le figaro


This show shows the will of people to work together for peace. « Des flammes... à la lumière » (From the flames... to the light) is more than a show about a battle, performed on a 4 hectare field. It is a hymn of peace, conveying through every scene messages of joy and hope, which are stronger than bombs and bayonets.

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Le soir - Luxembourg

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